Something Dark Is Coming

Ryn smiled " I mean you could always come be a dancer" she teased. Thats when what he said registered " demon...hey do you think that's what that could have been last night?" She asked looking at Logan.

Logan nodded. "It had to be. Shades came creepin' outta the woodwork fast the moment that thing showed up. And it clearly wanted to get at you in particular." He looked to Ryn. "The fact I couldn't smell it... something is going on here that's got me on edge. I don't like it..." And the worst part was that he was still feeling it. The moment he saw Jason he had felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Sure, he seemed harmless now but there was a new vibe to him that Logan couldn't ignore. Something was off about him.

"Maybe we should leave you be, bud?" He said to Jason. "You do seem kinda out of it still." The look he gave Ryn was one that suggested they leave for their own good.

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