Alex Finds A Partner In Crime

Ben was setting up the television in the rec room and adjusting the couch for “optimum viewing potential” when he heard Yasmine from upstairs.

"Allllexxxxx! " Did you drink the last of my Coke ? "

He stopped sipping the can of soda almost immediately. “Uh… no, hon! Haven’t touched it!” Shit.

He looked for a place to hide the evidence of his most unforgivable of crimes. There was a mesh bin he had out for less offensive bits of debris and garbage but that was unsuitable. He looked, but he knew she’d find it and that’d be the end of him. Then it’d be him with a skull full of bones, though only because she kicked his ass so hard all his bones went up into his head.

It was then that he saw the girl standing on the other side of the pool table. He let out a yelp in surprise then recalled what Yasmine had said the night before. “Oh, you’re the girl Yasmine met right? Rebecca, was it?”

Rebecca nodded.

Alex felt a sting of sadness for the girl. To die so young was never right. He smiled at her. “Well you’re welcome here if Yas is okay with it.”

Rebecca smiled brightly and extended her hand out to him in a grasping motion. Alex frowned, confused until she pointed to the coke can.

“Oh this? Yeah you don’t want Yas catching you with this. She has a thing about her soda…” Deciding he was already doomed he finished the last of the coke off. Yet Rebecca still seemed to be asking for it. Still confused he handed the girl the can, expecting it to fall through her ghostly fingers yet they held to it like any living fingers. She looked up at Alex and smiled again, almost as if she were giggling, then the girl and the can were gone as if both had simply never been.

Alex smirked. “A partner in crime I see…” He chuckled and went up to the kitchen to find Yasmine. “Yeah, hon. Sorry. I didn’t realize we were so low, otherwise I’d have gotten some at the last gas station before he headed into town. We do need some other things, so did you wanna maybe head into town and do some shopping?”

At some point as they were getting ready to leave he recalled his partner in crime and chuckled to himself. “Oh, forgot to mention, I finally met our little orphan ghost girl. I like her. We should adopt her.” He smirked.

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