Conference room 28B

Jameson sigh, "Look, there is no time for me to explain. The hunter should be at town hall, stop by and talk to him. I'll be at your work place if you want to know who I am, be careful." He hanged up quickly, to night was going to be a bit hectic.

Ryn sighed and through her phone down. She knew that voice. It was the vamp from the club. With a huff she stomped down the hall to her room to get ready for work. Tonight she chose a scarlet red dress and did her lips to match she did her eyes the usual dark winged liner. She looked in the mirror. Yep major Jessica rabbit vibes just with a shorter dress.. She didnt care.
By the time she got back to town it was starting to get dark. She hurried to city and peeked in rooms till she found them standing in a conference room, mr frost on his phone looking for something (presumably numbers) , Jason passed out in a chair with his head back mouth open. Very dignified. And the forest guy. She didnt know his real name but she had seen him around. " I interrupting?" She asked hesitantly

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