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Exploration - Erg

- Erg, Erg wake up ! Take a look, two o'clock !
Erg couldn't believe what he saw. A sonaro, it's been months since he saw one of those little creature. Their firelike fur makes them really hard to spot, day or night, but a gentle moonlight beam betrayed its presence. It's little, puny, like all living creature in this dusty hell, but it's meat nontheless.
In complete silence, Erg stood up while taking his bow, notched an arrow, and killed the sonaro before it could even realized what was comming.
-You're definitly a better shot than me, shout Skev.
-I'm definitly a better person than you, grunt Erg.
The wind from the south started to howl, grains of sand are chaotically dancing wherever it pleases them, like a swarm of bees. For most men, in this almost complete darkness, with those conditions, it would be nearly impossible to start a fire. But Erg isn't like most men.
A couple of hours later, with a half full stomach and an unbearable lack of water, Erg marched north. The moon was shyly hiding behind the clouds, meaning there was only one globe left in the hunter' sight, the dome of Klampt.
-You do know what day it is right ? Asked the voice in Erg's mind.
-Yes Skev, I know. It's been a year since you died by my hand. Happy birthday, brother.
Skev went silente, leaving Erg alone, at peace, for the rest of the night.

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