Brann was lost in thoughts as he looked out of the hole in his house that functioned as a window the rain was pouring outside. It is always raining but he did not care anymore

He lived alone in a small house he had built himself away from the town it had wooden walls and big leaves as roof. 

It could become cold at night but he survived it was good enough for him anyways, He did not need much and prefered to be unnoticed.

He had been by himself his entire life ever since his mother passed away when he was six.

A moth flew inside braking brann's chain of thought sending a shiver down his spine as the wings fluttering an erratic movements made him uncomfortable.

After putting on his simple  clothes  and fastening his long black hair in a ponytail he started to make way into town.

Stopping once to inspect his reflection in the waters beneath the walkway he had already gotten soaked by the rain and strands of black hair stuck to his forehead.

He noticed his ice blue eyes that seemed to always be sad and the rugged clothes that was in desperate need of repair.

He sighed at the sight and kept on going listening to the surroundings.

the trees where moaning in the wind the heavy rain smattering like drums on the ground and the animals the little critters of the forest sang along.

Soon the busy noises of people would take over, there voices drowning out the sounds of nature and he hated it.

But he had to go there today because he was searching for somebody.

A child, he where to watch them, he did not know why or who had ordered it but a hooded figure had knocked on his door late at night holding a note that explained what he where to do
And that a reward would be given if he choose to accept.

All he knew was that he had signed a contract and his mission where to find this kid named danill that lived in town and keep track on him. 

that did not seem to bad of a deal he had thought


Somebody shouted in the distance it was a child's voice getting Branns attention.

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