Aristide looked at Oriane. She had grown more beautiful since the last time he saw here. Arles clearly loved his wife and he was glad his best friend was so happy with her.

He hadn't met viscount Trencavel before, but he had heard much about him. He bowed and when he rose, he took a good look at the man. Trencavel was middle aged and Aristide started to worry.
The viscount never had fought a war, he had only reorganized Carcassonne after his father died. His father had left Carcassonne a chaotic mess and Raymond had managed to restore the city to the flourishing city it once was. He could be proud of that, he was a great diplomat but Aristide wasn't sure the Pope would take enough with diplomatic solutions against heretics. Barely noticeable he shook his head, this man couldn't lead an army agains the well trained French army. Carcassonne was the biggest citadel the Cathars had, they had the most chevaliers, but when they didn't have a leader capable of leading such a fantastic army they were facing a disaster.

"Viscount Trencavel, it is a honor to visit Carcassonne again. You have managed to bring the city back to it's old glory, but difficult times are ahead of us. Pope Innocent III wants a crusade against us, we are heretics and poisoning the world of Christianity. We have to die, to burn like all heretics and then God will be satisfied again," in his eyes there was a short shine when he said this. The last eight years of his life he almost lived on the battlefield and he loved war and he was ready for it; anytime.

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