no chevaliers in the city

Arles listened to the words of his friend and sighed. He thought the same as Aristide, also when viscount Trencavel was a good ruler he wasn't sure if he was skilled on the battlefield. After a little pause Arles stepped forward, his hand on the hilt of his sword. "My lord, there is no need to doubt the words of Chevalier de Guillory. We should act as soon as possible, we can prepare, it will take the Pope a while to gather his troops. Can we have the meeting with the chevaliers earlier, I know we have one tonight in the great hall, but when we have news of this importance," to his disappointment he saw the viscount shaking his head.

"I see it is important, but most of our chevaliers are gone now because we should have the meeting in the evening. We don't have much chevaliers in the city at the moment, I think they will return in the midday, but surely not before 12 o'clock," Raymond answered and leaned back in his seat, worried.
"You are right, Viscount Trencavel. We will come tonight at the great hall," he bowed one more time and left the chamber. "Too bad old friend, we will have to wait till the evening, leaves us some more time together," he said and shrugged his shoulders, "would you like to come over to my chambers and have a better talk than yet?"

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