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Summary: Stay out of my way or I'll crush u under foot as I pass.

Exavior Alistair

Owned by:

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Sharks

AI or human (as applys)



Job: governor

Skill: Many different forms of criminal activity. Such as money laundering, drug trafficking, arms dealing and assisting in the perfomance of illegal enhancements procedures.


Governor and King pin

Physical Appearance

Dark hair
Red eyes
Dresses in very nice suits.

Personality and interests

He is cold, calculating, manipulative and cruel.

His only interest re money, drugs and women.


He grew up on in the underbelly of the city. Determined to make a name for his self and didnt care who he had to step on to get there. This got him mixed in with a mad grower and he worked his way through the ranks till he was running the operation. When he was in his late early 20s the heat got so bad he had to go ghost. This didn't suit his need for power and his greed so he paid to have false identification chips put in and started over life as a stand up citizen. Only he used this to work his way up to governor. Now he had the power to cover up all his dirty deeds and keep anyone quiet. Any proof anyone tries to find can never be traced. Everyone knows hes into illegal stuff but no one knows how he is so good at hiding the proof.


Eyes: can read identification chips on site. And see 5× better than the naked eye.

Hands: or quicker reflexes for gun fights and fist fights

Ears: enhanced hear and auto translation

Anything to add

Not at this time.

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Image of Exavior Alistair
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