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Summary: Revenge is the sweetest thing next to getting money.

Frieda cross

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Gender: female

Age: 30

Group: Dead locks.

AI or human (as applys)





Alpha of the dead locks

Physical Appearance

He eyes
Blond hair
Very fit
Half skull face

Personality and interests

She hard, cold, unfeeling, only cares about the job and the pay off


She used to be a marine but when the government left her eye and dry after getting blown up. She turned sure they put her back together but only at the cost of her face and half her body. They should have just let her die.
Once she found d out her government was dropping her like a hot coal she went rogue and removed her chips replacing them with new ( and very illegal ones) and formed the dread locks.


Everything but her left arm and the top part of her skull.

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Image of Frieda cross
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