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Summary: Humans are a strange lot, and they all bleed.


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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Dead locks.

AI or human (as applys)





Beta of the dead locks

Physical Appearance

Bionic on the whole right side of his body left side looks human.
Half skull face

Personality and interests

Hes rash unpredictable and un stable.

His interests are killing, horror movies and humans.


He was originally a companion AI..unfortunately he belonged to a serial killer who wanted him to participate. This molded him into who he is now.
When the Australian authority's caught up to them his owner was locked up and he was due to be decommissioned but killed his transports and ran. He found his way to America where he met Freida who was putting together the dead locks. He decided to join her. When she asked that he remove the skin plates on Jo's lower jaw to match her he didnt mind and even went a step farther.


Everything hes a AI

Anything to add


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Image of Maverick
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