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Summary: Just another day in peridice

Trisha march

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Gender: female

Age: 23

Group: Ghosts

AI or human (as applys)



And technician



Physical Appearance

Dark eyes
Dark hair
Slim but curved in the right places
With neon purple tattoos

Personality and interests

She tough as nails and strong will but she has a good heat.
It's hard for her to trust people but the ones she dose are family.

Main intereste is staying off the grid


She used to work as a programmer for the network but soon learned that AI was more than the thought. These things could feel think and learn no matter what they were programmed to do. When she tried to explain this to her imploiers and tried to explain they should have rights they shot her down and told her they were just robots.
She quit and walked away. The problem? She knows to much about everything. They started looking for her so she went off the grid.



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Image of Trisha march
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