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Summary: I belong to no one and I'll be damned if you forget that.

Nikita (nikie)

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Gender: female

Age: NA

Group: Ghosts

AI or human (as applys)



No jobs
Lots of skills



Physical Appearance

Blond hair
Blue eyes
Athletic build.

Personality and interests

She's bubbly and flirty sweet nice and loyal to her friends .


She was originally a pleaser companion at a AI fun house. But seeing as that's illegal without the right permits her job got shut down and her and all the other AI there got thrown into the streets she didnt really have a choice in going off grid. That's just what happens to most AI without a function (or master)
That's when she met Trisha who kind of took her under her wing. Now she helps out how she can but trish reminds her every day that she is a person with rights and no one owns her not even Trisha. Nikie is learning how to adjust to freedom and how to love her self.


All she's a AI

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Image of Nikita (nikie)
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