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Summary: I dont know who I am but I know who I want to be.

Cassandra (cassie)

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Gender: female

Age: 21

Group: Live links

AI or human (as applys)





Ward of Alexander Alistair

Physical Appearance

Blue eyes
Very long dark hair
Slim but well built

Personality and interests

She is shy and quiet and a taste bit nieve almost child like.


She has lived with Alexander as long as she can remember. He has always been good to her taken care of her like a father.
While she has lived a very pampered life she has also lived a sheltered one. They live in Alexander's high rise and she has never stepped foot outside of it. He dose allow her to watch people from the windows and she has full rain of the building.
She content with her life if not a little curious about the outside world.
But when Alexander changes in a way she never saw coming she makes a run for it. Now she's out in the world on her own.



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Image of Cassandra (cassie)
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