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Summary: A forgotten soldier

Tara Maxim

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Ghosts

AI or human (as applys)

Cybernetically enhanced human.




Formerly a Sergeant

Physical Appearance

A rather tall woman with dark hair and steely blue/grey eyes. Has a number of scars covering her body from various surgical procedures and injuries in battle. Various cybernetic pieces are visible through her skin in some places such as her wrists and elbows, and the soles and heels of her feet.

Personality and interests

Tara is a dedicated soldier, first and foremost. At least she was before she was betrayed by the corporation who made her into a super-soldier.

She harbors resentment for the people who used her and doesn't trust easy. However, her desire to help others in need often overrides this and she often regrets it still.

She is interested in surviving.


Originally a diminutive young girl with very little promise, she always had a deep seated desire to help others and this eventually blossomed into a desire to join the military. However, she was far too short and meek. However, her predicament brought the attention of corporate scientists who offered her a chance to become something more.

After two years of grueling cybernetic and surgical alterations, she was shaped into a formidable super-soldier. However, the war she was built to fight had been swiftly settled and she was discarded. Deemed "hazardous property" she was to be "decommissioned" and instead opted to go on the run with the one of the scientists who helped change her.

The two had fallen in love, and for a time they were able to stay off the grid. However, corporate assassins soon found them and killed her lover. Leaving her bitter and alone.

Now Tara acts as a mercenary often taking on jobs against the corporation who had discarded and wronged her.


Enhanced strength and agility from cybernetic upgrades.

Increased durability from advanced dermal armors acting as her skin. Though only bullet resistant and not fully bulletproof.

Enhanced senses and increased mental capacity.

Anything to add

Tara's cybernetic upgrades require constant care and maintenance. As such, she is prone to malfunctions should she be unable to either receive regular maintenance and treatment or is significantly damaged.

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Image of Tara Maxim
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