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Summary: AI to help

Doctor Nano

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Gender: Male

Age: 44

Group: Enforcers & government workers

AI or human (as applys)

Mark 3257


Head of all medical areas.
Knows how to treat everything, from cancer, to physical abnormalities, to plastic surgery, etc.


Head Doctor

Physical Appearance

Can alter his appearance, but he is mainly looks like a old man with blue goggles. He usually is the height of 6'2. He is seen with black hair and a medical coat.

Personality and interests

Logical, intelligent, curious, wants to expand his knowledge.


Doctor Nano comes from a medical scientist known as Mr. M, he was created by M as a way to help those in need, M being an old man that was old enough to see 2020 was a scientist who was able to eradicate all diseases in 2082. Doctor Nano was his last creation before M finally died of old age. Nano then did as he was programmed, to help those in need, however he decided to do the impossible, creating humans. After thousands of failures, he finally created a human, however the human strangely bonded with a mixture of diseases that caused him to be unable to live normally. Nano was forced to create a suit for his human, only to have the human escape from him, as a ghost that was never in the grid.


His entire body is made out of nano bots, however he is programmed to never harm anyone, thus he can only aid people with his nano bots.

Anything to add

Right now, no.

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Image of Doctor Nano
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