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Summary: Confused and scared


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Gender: Male

Age: 4 (body is 22)

Group: Ghosts

AI or human (as applys)



He actually is an extremely fast learner, if given the time his mentality and knowledge will match his body.


The Toxin

Physical Appearance

Wears a robotic suit that has metal claws and a plague doctor mask like helmet. The eyes glow green like the power core on it. He also wears a hood on his suit to cover it up. Under the suit he has white hair and yellow eyes. Match with his pale skin, it's obvious he isn't a normal human. He has a max height of 6'3

Personality and interests

Right now he is confused, scared and aggressive. He has the mentality of a four year old, but sooner or later he will gain intelligence and mentality until it matches his bodies age.


Crow was created by Doctor Nano from a human embryo in an artificial womb. He was "born" in three weeks. He was then raised in a confined area, Nano had made his body age at a great rate until he hit maturity, which was at 18, in which he started aging like a normal human. However Crow came in contact with a mixture of diseases that was called the Verion Plague. His body bonded with it. Due to this he couldn't survive outside the confinement area. So Nano created a suit for him so he could explore the world, but because Nano doesn't really understand the limit of safety, he went overboard on the safety features on the suit that would match a super soldier. Due to his mentality, the outside world freaked him out and he ran away. Due to him never getting a chip, he was never on the grid. Now he is wandering the city, confused, scared, and gaining knowledge as he goes.


His body has bonded with a very dangerous disease that will kill anyone else that comes in contact with it.
His suit is highly enhanced, it is actually matched to a combat suit. It makes it where he could jump three times as normal, giving him strength three times than normal. He also has a AI in the suit that gives him info he needs. His suit has metal claws that can also inject the Verion Plague into people, as well as it having a spray version in the palm to spread a mist of the Verion Plague at people.

Anything to add

Verion Plague- Had three version it reacts to people.
One- the person drops dead, with their veins turning black, and blood being black and internal bleeding
Two- The person becomes highly aggressive, attacking people nearest to them, they however don't spread the disease, after a minute their body shuts down.
Three- the person dissolves into a black goo.

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