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LT. Cindy Hawkins

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Enforcers & government workers

AI or human (as applys)



She is a police officer by training. She is part decker (wired to the private net and ver little hacking) and part rigger (drones and vehicles). She is also a first responder (not a paramedic).

She has some drone build and repair skills and can do some vehicle repairs. She can also do a little programming.

She is good with her firearm and a second degree black belt in Akido.


Lieutenant (little better than officer, not really in command) Hoping for detective.

Physical Appearance

Cindy is a short athletic woman that is very fit. She has hair that is normally worn up in a bun so people can not grab it. She has brown eyes and a charming face. She is cute enough that you would notice her in a crowd.
She likes to wear an outfit with form fitting body armor under it (she does not have that yet). She hates wearing the skirt and blouse uniform And will change after roll-call and before report. She wears pants when she is working. She is hoping to get to be a plain clothed officer soon.

Personality and interests

Ciindi is:
Outgoing, confident, and by the book ( though she might flex it a bit). She got into the profession to serve and protect.

Cindy is interested in guns, martial arts, drones, and cooking


When Cindy was young, her parents were killed in cross fire between two rival gangs. She and her older brother were placed in the foster care system and she was placed with Captain Brown, a police captain and his wife. They were good to her and encouraged her desire to become an officer. Cindy went to college getting a degrees in Criminal justice and Business management. When she graduated she was selected for the police the academy. About this time, her brother started his way off the grid.
After her first year at the academy she was selected to be wired. She would be able to control vehicles, handle some of the tactical communication, and investigations.

When she graduated, she found out that Captain Brown had risen to his rank by ignoring some activities of the sharks. They had even used him to take down some other criminal influences.


Cindy is wired for data and rigging.

Anything to add

Cindy’s start in policing has been about the level of a meter maid or a clerk. She wants to get out and save the world.

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