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Summary: Only great action cam cause great change.

Ziggy lee

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Ghosts

AI or human (as applys)





Runs AAT

Physical Appearance

Hazle eyes
Baby face

Personality and interests

He's a very sweet and kind of quiet kid but he is also very strong proud and intelligent.
He loves music and anything to do with tech whitch makes him a bit of a odd ball in the dead zone


He was born and raised in the dead zone. He's never left. He was raised by his mother. She was a strong leader and a founder of the AAT ( activists against tyranny) they fight for rights of AI and members of the dead zone as well as the unethical inhancment of military personnel and the the treatment of them after leaving the services. That's were his mother met Trisha, at a protests for AI rights. The became very close ND when his mother got sick Trisha was there to the end.
He was left to carry of his mother's work. Right now he runs a shelter in the dead zone and has command over a small force of people. After all not all protests can be peaceful. There is even whisper in the underground that he might be trying to start a movement to take down the grid all together.



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Image of Ziggy lee
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