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Summary: Eh, quite moving, I'm trying to blow your brains out.

Grim Lock (John Edwards)

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Dead locks.

AI or human (as applys)



Skilled in all kinds of combat, all fire arms and tracking.


Grim lock-(Dead Locks)

John Edwards-(Old Name)

Ace of the Dead Locks

Physical Appearance

He is just a skull with cybernetics. His left side of the skull is covered by a visual enhancement. His body is black and red coloring with a skeletal look. Usually wears a black duster, combat boots and baggy pants.

Personality and interests

Grim lock lives for the hunt, he doesn't see people as people, only seeing the other Deadlocks as his equals. Everyone else to him is nothing more then a thing to kill. He cracks dark jokes and usually plays around with his victims before killing them. He has a bad habit of killing people he shouldn't kill.


John Edwards was one of the best soldiers in the military, so good at it that he didn't need enhancements to take down a whole army. That was until his squad and himself were captured. The group was tortured, beaten and murder off one by one. John had a relationship with one of his squad mates, in which his captors made him watch as they did hideous things to her. Finally Grim Lock was the last survivor when he realized that his captors were sent by the government to get rid of him.
He was brought back by his captors to he turned into a killing machine, using the torture he went though to target people they wanted him to kill. The plan backfired,the escaped after going on a slaughter taking out an entire base with him. He was later found by the Dead Locks in the slums when he was going around killing people. They allowed him to join, thankfully for the fact that his only human part of him was already a skull he didn't need to do anything.


Has a visual enhancement that allows him to see with infra red, 2X, 3X, 4X and X-ray.

Rest of his body is built to be a killing machine. The only human parts he has is his brain, skull, spine, lungs, heart, tongue, and part of his vocal cords.

Anything to add

Nope, notta

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Image of Grim Lock (John Edwards)
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