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Summary: Do some harm, heal it for the right price.

Mr. Stitch

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-Forties

Group: NPC

AI or human (as applys)



Drug Manufacturer
Healer of The Criminal Underworld


Formerly a Doctor

Physical Appearance

An average-looking man with brown hair and a somewhat disheveled yet dapper appearance. Wearing clothes that somehow look both refined yet ratty.

Personality and interests

Mr. Stitch is a staunch professional, something he maintains in order to keep those under his knife trusting him. However he is also ruthless and will make sure that those who anger him are made an example of.


Born Ira Cane to a wealthy corporate family, he was basically groomed at an early age to become the best surgeon of his generation by his parents. Something that he was often irate over as he felt he had no control over his life. Nevertheless, he excelled in his studies and was soon a successful doctor as a result.

However a botched surgery caused by a rival surgeon left him without a license and blacklisted. Unable to use the skills he'd been given legitimately he took to patching up stab wounds and gunshots in the underbelly of the city with improvised surgical tools. He was soon discovered by a major crime boss who, impressed with his skill, provided him with more high-end resources to start his own practice and serve at the boss's private physician.

At some point, this mob boss mysteriously died of a stroke in spite of Mr. Stitch's giving him a clean bill of health. Such is life, of course and no one suspected the drugs he'd been giving the boss...

However with the resources and connections he'd made, Ira soon took to healing other criminals in need. Building a successful criminal medical practice that also manufactures powerful drugs to help supplement income. Ira became known as "Mr. Stitch" by the criminals who treated him.



Anything to add

Mr. Stitch is an NPC and thus can be used by any player.

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