Image of Aura

Summary: Music is life


Gender: female

Age: 28

Group: Live links

AI or human (as applys)



DJ at a Zero G Disco



Physical Appearance

Multi-colored blue to red ombre hair, slim build, standing around 5'5", Grey eyes, lots of seemingly random small tattoos, nearly nothing is 'fully original'. Wears a cropped tanktop short, torn pantyhose, one knee high sock, and one shin high sock, and a pair of old world inspired high tops.

Personality and interests

A bit crazy, loves the thrill of the way her music makes people act on the dance floor. A bit scatter brained, going to fast for her own good at times.


Though born to a fairly well off family she was never really were 'okay'. Sinking away from the world at large by doing drowning her emotions in music. She started playing smalls shows now and then to make some money. After getting enough money she underwent several modifications to give them their current body. With this newly found confidence she upped her shows.


Aside from the 'basics' for everyday life, and the modifications to her body nothing of note

Anything to add

not born female

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