She Didn't Just Walk Out The Front Door Did She?

Exavior motioned for her to sit down. " yes it's very high know of my ward Cassandra...she has gone missing. I need you to find her and bring her back to me..alive." he hoped she didnt ask to many questions. In truth this wasnt the kind of job that he would higher her for but the girl was to valuable to be entrusted to some one els. " she has no net-links so finding her is going to be a little harder. But shes young, a child really. She couldn't have gotten far."

Tara sighed. A damn runaway case, yet Alistair was good on his payments and she was always itching for scratch. "Fine... my standard rate. Half now, half later. I'll find the missing princess and bring her back to your tower..."

She sighed and gestured to the security camera that was staring her down behind her. "So I take it you know where she was the last time your security system had her on camera?"

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