Cassie screamed " stop stop your killing her!" She had never seen a face so full of rage like the one he wore. He didnt stop he kept stomping till her face was unrecognizable and her chest was nothing hut a mashed mess. Then he stopped his chest heaving he took a step back and cassie lunged forward. Metal wire and fluid was everywhere.
Cassie wept as she gathered peaces and tried to fit them back together though she new it was no use. She held the peaces and closed her eyes tears streaming down her face.
"That's all that's out there little girl..pain...violence. hate." He stroked her hair. " your safe here. I need you here." He patted her head then straightened his shirt and smoothed his hair back. " and you will stay....see to her" he said to his PATI as he walked out.
Her cold arms wrapped around cassie and lifted her making soothing nothing sounds as she walked her to her room. She took a bath and tossed the blue dress in the floor. She glared at all the clothes in her closet. He was wrong. There was more than pain out there..and no matter what was out there is was nothing compared to what he had just done.
She had been with that PATI her whole life. That was the only person in the world she had to talk to. The only one who ever held her, kissed her scrapes, sooth her when she had bad dream, did all her schooling. She was her friend, mother, everything. She wrapped her self in a sheet and sat on the bed. " PATI" she called. It wasnt long before she appeared in the door way. "Yes miss?" She asked " where is my mister Alistair?" She AI gave her a blank stair but cassie could feel the suspicion behind it. " he has gone out to a for drink with his business partners." Cassie nodded " here" she said getting up from the bed and walking to her desk. She scribbled on a peace of paper then handed it to her. " get me these and hurry back" the AI read the list. " miss I dont think.." "go!" Cassie snapped. She simply nodded and left.
A few hours later cassie stood in front of her mirror. She didnt look at all like the girl who stood here at dinner. The had on black pants. With neon pink zippers across the thighs knees shins and but pockets. With a blue tight fit tank top. It showed off her curves that where usually hidden her long hair that was usually kept down was pulled high and tight in a pony tail. Her shoes were no longer slippers but black lace up high heel boots with blue sequence on the toes. she picked up the nion pink plastic rain coat and put it on. Alistair would never have let her wear this.
" where are you going miss" PATI asked. " out." Was the only answer she gave her. " shall I accompany you?" Cassie shook her head " where shall I tell mr Alistair you have gone" cassie grabbed the back pack she had pack with the extra clothes PATI had brought her and good and drinks. " dont" she said then walked out the door. " yes miss" was the last thing she heard before the elevator doors closed.


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