After class

Astrid and Comet walked along the street headed towards home. They had gotten out of class early for once and her father was not expecting them for at least two hours. Though it did not really mater as he would probably not be home on time anyway. As they walked Comet started to complain about the rain.

“ it’s not my fault it’s raining why don’t we go check out that new dress shop it’s only a few blocks away” Astrid said. She smiled at the cat who shook his head. “ do you think they will realize I’m an AI and not just another animal” Comit said with a frustrated tone.

“ Maby” she said with a shrug. They continued towards the store. They were stoped by one of the workers some nonsense about animals not being allowed. Comit was the first to speak and Astrid backed him up. The argument went back and forth for at least half an hour before the worker Finly got the point that comit was not just some animal.

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