Dead or alive

She smiled. "At least if I die it won't be with a heavy conscience." She looked to Cassie and tossed the purse of tokens on the ground at her feet. "My life is yours now..."

Cassie staired down at the bag " keep your coins.." she gave the girl a smile. Then looked to Astrid " let's find Mr stick for her...see what we can do to pay him. Can you make her comfortable till we find him?" She asked. About then one of Ziggy's men came into the room. " Their are people at the gate." Ziggy sighed " awfully popular today aren't we?.... siáknce everything is handled here I'll handle the new Comer's" he tucked turned back to his man " whko is it?"jt The big man shrugged " don't know, small little blond girl and weird bird guy, said they are looking for you or Trisha" at those words Trisha finally lowered her weapon. " Little blond girl? It's Nakita..." That ment that Tara hadn't done anything to her, Or at least nothing lasting. She tucked her gun back into it's place " I'll go with Ziggy" and they went to meet Nikita and her friend. Cassie and Astrid staid behind to see after Tara.


The news hit Exavior hard and filled him with such a rage that on impulse he pulled his gun out and shot the man who gave it to him.
Tara had betraid him.
With a sigh he pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes closed. " Take that away..." He said to PATI with a wave of his hand. She bowed her head and started to move away the body. He sank into his desk chair and made the call he had been trying to avoid. They were ill-tempered and hard to control. But they would get the job done.
A few hours later the sound of a loud motor sounded outside. He looked down at the brightly painted steel reinforced truck. He shook his head. Technology was far past the time of gas powered vehicles, why they chose to drive that he would never know. He herd them as they came down the hall to his office loud obnoxious and rowdy. He sighed again. PATI opened the door and let them in.
There they were, the dead locks.
Their half skull faces grinned at him.he had to give it to them. They knew how to make a statement. The man was Maverick, he was tall and lanky his eyes hard and empty like those of a soulless crazy person. The girl tilted her head, she was know as mercy , her own eyes were wide and moving like a wild animal. Their leader was the infamous Frieda cross. She focused on him, Her gaze cold and calculating. Exavior motioned for them to sit. Only the leader did. This was the last straw.
They would bring Cassandra back...dead or alive.

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