Crow waved at the people, "Hello, I'm Crow. Nice to meet you." Seems Crow has begin understanding the English language pretty quickly. He motioned to Nikita, "I helped her, she told me to follow. So I did." Crow looked around the area,"Nikita, this area is where Crow got away from Doctor Nano." He pointed at a Holgram lighting sign that said, "Doctor Nano's hospital." It was way up in the air, more for people with higher ranks. "Doctor Nano isn't in the hospital though."
Doctor Nano sat in the waiting room, he was waiting on the time where he can speak with Alistair. He only spoke with the shark for important meetings, the last time they spoke was when Crow went missing. Doctor Nano had spoke to him about creating the first ever AI created human, and to put it Crow going missing with a suit that was the equivalent of a high tech military suit didn't sit well with the shark. Now though, Doctor Nano knew where Crow was, in the area that the girl the shark wanted most. Doctor Nano watched Crow using his cameras outside the hospital.

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