Grim Lock stepped out of the bathroom, he finished cleaning up the gunk in his skull. He realized that the others had left without him. "Those sons of bitches." He quickly hurried to catch up with them. He then was stopped by a group of thugs, "Hey boys, look at this skull face, he looks like he has a 'bone' to pick with the boss." Grim Lock looked over them, "Should've kept your mouth shut kiddos." A blade came from his left arm as he advanced on the thugs.
Grim Lock stepped in to the office, his entire left arm covered in blood. "Sorry Boss for being late. Also I apologize Mr. Alistair for being late as well, bumped into minor inconvenience." His blade slides back into his arm as he joined the other Dead Locks. He pulled out a cigar and lit it using a small built in lighter in his hand. He puffed smoke out his eye socket.

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