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Zero Cool

Combat Training Center
Area 4B - Urban Environment Sim
Time: 22:19L

For the briefest of moment’s she wasn’t really certain if she’d prove up to the challenge.

The Africana giant guarding the passage was at least 3 perhaps 4 feet taller than herself with the build that reminded her of one of those Silverback Gorilla’s that the networks tended to feature again and again on the nature feeds. The man was if nothing else was at least as intimidating to look at though sadly his skill did not equal to his appearance.

His first blow told her all she needed to know.

The first being that of the two of them she was far faster and second being that her hardware could take the hit where in sadly his could not.

Staggering back from her first blow the guard recovered quickly enough taking up your typical boxer’s stance before again rushing to attack. Zero knocking away his few feeble and miss-timed blows aside without much in the way of effort before landing a counter blow just below his sternum, her off hand then taking hold of his arm forcing him off balance long enough to roll her hips around and land a solid kick into the side of his head that resounded with a god awful crack before it sent him barrelling into and through the stone wall.

“ Christ Zero, what a mess ... “ Her handler grumbled as Zero slipped past the downed guard heading towards the door. “ You know what a gun is right ... bang bang, your dead.”

Zero for her part hissed her annoyance. “ Hey, I whipped his ass didn’t I? besides he wasn’t armed, it wouldn’t have been fair to just shoot his ass.”

“ I believe the term you are looking for is honourable my dear. That was anything but fair my fine assed little kitten. There was nothing fair about the way you took him apart.” Her handler sounded off no doubt shaking her head in annoyance. “ You’re packing nearly 200k in ware and you think it’s fair to face off against a guard who in all likelihood could barely afford 20k worth himself. “

Zero frowned shrugging her shoulders. “ You’re bleeding the fun dry here. “

“ Facts are facts, no such thing as a fair fight in this business ... “ Her handler stated. “ Hurry up, we have some poor Company breeder in the next room who needs rescued.”

“ I kicked his ass good though, You gotta admit it ... “ Zero chimed in as she moved towards the door.

“ Yes you did, you kicked in his head in but good ... “ The handler acknowledged as Zero stopped short of the door. “ If he lives I have no doubts that he’ll suffer traumatic flashbacks every time he encounters a hot little Asian party girl on the street from now on.”

Zero frowned at the thought. “ Thats kind of depressing if you think of it that way.” She sighed offering a backwards glance at the downed guard. “ Maybe I should have shot him a couple of times after all.”

“ To late now ... “ Her handler announced. “ I have four contacts in motion advancing on the door.”

Hells-bells.” Zero frowned pulling the Intimidator Assault Rifle from its hook on her web gear.

“Contact in 3 … 2…”

“ ... 1“ Zero sounded off bracing the weapon against her shoulder and unloading the entire clip through the door.


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