Zero - Reassignment Priorities

Combat Training Center
Corporate Security Review Board
Time: 08:29L

If there was one thing Zero hated in life it was the mandatory Review Board’s she was forced to endure every year. A dog and pony show that for some reason she was required to appear cleaned and pressed at zero-dark thirty wearing her Corporate Dress Uniform that only saw the light of day this one time a year.

Not that she didn’t look good in it. There was after all something to be said for the little Corporate Approved black on black blazer and skirt over a simple white silk blouse that was tight in all the right places.

The board today oddly enough consisted of some familiar faces though not faces she would normally associate with an official review.

There was Lockwood from Corporate Legal who had earned the nickname ‘The Shark’ long before Zero had even joined the company.

The next suit was Barr was the Finance Officer from Special Projects and was the guy you talked to about financial requests for projects that weren’t entirely legal.

Executive Goldcrest was guy in charge and while he was officially tied to Corporate HR the reality was that he ran the Corporate Security and Executive Services division and was the guy Zero answered to directly regarding all matters good or bad.

“Your range scores are excellent as are the scores for the environmental simulation tests.” Executive Goldcrest continued as he read through her personnel file. “It says here that you’ve declined the retesting for domestic and special services roles again this year ?”

“I have sir.“ Zero nodded.

“Your current Special Services rating is only a B are you sure you want to pass on a chance to up … “

“I’m not an Entertainer nor am I a Corporate Escort sir. “ She stated as firmly as ettiquite allowed. “I’m content with a B rating in the Special Services category. “

Executive Goldcrest nodded his understanding without missing a beat and returned his attention back to her personnel file. “ I’m surprised you turned down reassigned to Mr. Hong’s Personal Security detail.”

“Off the record Sir?” She inquired politely.

Executive Goldcrest nodded his approval. “As always Ms. Nagoya.”

“ With all due respect to Mr Hong’s position and authority within the Corporation sir. Mr. Hong is a pig with a great many personal habits that to be truthful were not only distasteful but also likely to get his ass killed. I don’t see the merits of continuing on as a member of the security detail of an individual of whom, I not only find repulsive but also a clear risk to his own personal safety and security.” Zero shrugged. “ The man is going to end up a black mark on someone’s permanent record sir and I would just prefer that permanent record to not be mine. “

Executive Goldcrest nodded understanding. “ Your concern is noted and as per your request Off the official record of this review. I trust that you passed these concerns on to your replacement? “

“ I did sir. “ She agreed.

“Good.” Executive Goldcrest noted allowed. “ So let us proceed to the subject of reassignment. “

It was Lockwood who spoke up at this point catching Zero by surprise.

“ Ms. Nagoya are you familiar with the name Exavior Alistair?”

“ Yes Ma’am, I am.” Zero stated not entirely certain where this line of questioning was heading.

Barr spoke up this time. “ Would you be so kind as to tell us what you have heard about Mr. Alistair?”

Zero paused briefly in thought. “ Do you want the official history or what I’ve heard through my street level contacts?”

“ No, your answer is sufficient to our inquiry. Thank you Ms. Nagoya. “ Barr stated plainly turning his attentions again to Executive Goldcrest.

Executive Goldcrest turned his attention back to Zero clearly frowning his disapproval of the situation as it was presented to him.

“Recently the interests of this Corporation and the current Governor Alistair have aligned in such a way that the Shareholders feels that a show of good faith on our part is called for. A review of both you and your peers has identified that you out of a handful of others are ideally suited for this assignment and that in addition that you psychological profile identifies you as having the moral flexibility that is required for our needs in this case.”

Executive Goldcrest closed her personnel file setting it to one side.

“Both the CEO and Shareholders have made it clear to myself that Mr. Alistair’s personal security is of the utmost importance as we move forward in this new phase and that I am to impress upon you the importance that has been place upon this assignment.”

Zero could only nod her acknowledgement of her understanding.

“Good … “ Executive Goldcrest offered aloud as his glance drifted away briefly. “ … Very good. So as of noon today your reassignment to Mr. Alistair’s security detail will be official and you will appear for your initial introduction to Mr Alistair and his staff. “

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