“ With your permission I’ll access the security network to keep an eye on things?”

He nodded in agreement then reached in his desk. He pulled out a few tablets each one containing what would be the equivalent of piles of paperwork. This part of his job was the harder part because it was looking down he got to work. There were city ordinance, funding requests and everything else that went with running a city and it all came with a book of paperwork that went with it.
A several hours later it was clear he was lost in his work. He had take off his suit jacket loosened his tie an his sleeves were rolled up to the elbow. A tray of burnt out butts sat on his desk. He ran a hand through his now messed hair as he read out loud under his breath and grumbled to his self at some of the things people demanded of him. A nock sounded on the door and he looked up with a scowled his eyes glossy. " What?" He snapped. PATI stepped inside looking concerned. " Sir a doctor nano had been waiting for a few hours." Alistair sighed " shit" he had completely forgotten the mad doctor out there. He attempted to smooth his self out. " Yeah send him in" he pushed the tray of buts in the trash next to his desk and pressed a button on his desk that sent a Droid about to dust and spray to get rid of the smoke smell. He didn't actually like dealing with these types but it was part of the job he just wondered what the good doctor wanted of him.

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