Zero - Meeting with Doctor Nano

Central Plaza
City Government Building – Govenors Alistair’s Office

Zero had spent the last several hours listening to Vivaldi while she cycled through the security feeds from the floor Mr. Alistair’s office was located as well as the floors above and below on the lookout for suspect activity or possible threats. Unfortunately there was none though she did find other ways to amuse herself.

Mr. Alistair’s for his part had been focused almost entirely upon the paperwork that had accumulated on his desk. Odd really given that most in his positions of authority would have delegated the work to his staff but Mr. Alistair seemed to be one who took the responsibility of his position seriously.

It was nearly 1630 hours when the Artificial knocked on the door disruption Mr. Alistair focus prompting a rather hostile response.

“What?” He snapped.

"Sir a doctor nano had been waiting for a few hours." The Artificial announced.

“Shit.” Mr. Alistair sounded off in annoyance as he set about putting himself and his desk in order to receive the Doctor. " Yeah send him in."

A moment later Doctor Nano stepped into the and moved with fluid motions until he had reached the nearest seat and sat down.

"It's been awhile Mr. Alistair, since Crow went missing." Nano put up a screen for Alistair to see, "Crow is with the Cassandra girl you are after. You sent Dead Locks after her, my guess is you need me to treat her if they bring her dead. Am I correct?" Nano kept a very blank look.

"I'll do it if I get Crow back, safely. He is my experiment; I don't want him to be murdered by a bunch of mercenaries with mental problems."

Zero for her part did and said nothing only watching and waiting as events unfolded not too concerned one way or the other.


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