What Better Time To Do A Flashback?

As Tarra went into the sealer Astrist’s heads started to fly across her tablet. “ let me try and stop her deader and then head out it looks like there coursed by a feed back from her Cybernetics” she said and continued to work.

Trisha nodded at Cassie. " You just stay here and hold her....and you two stay with her.." She said to Astrid and comet, then stood grabbing her gun from her waist band and nodding to Nakita as she passed, Nikita drawing her katana as she followed.

Soon, there was gunfire coming from outside. Astrid's work on Tara's code had managed to finally stop the seizure, however Tara had slipped into unconsciousness.


"Name?" The Doctor asked for the record.

"Tara Maxim." The petite and diminutive girl said. Her short dark hair and glasses made her look far nerdier than she really was.

"Maxim... yes... Says here you've attempted to join the service over twenty times?"

"I don't quit..." Tara said, her brow furrowed. "I want to do this, doctor..."

"Hence why you're here... Your file got kicked up to me because you may just be the person I need for this project..." The doctor said with a warm smile. "It could be your chance to make a difference..."

"I just want to help others, protect them. I'm not a tech person, it goes over my head, but this... fighting for the right cause... I know how to do..."

"You just don't have the shell to do it properly..." The doctor regarded her meek physique with sympathy. Your parents lived near The Kipple huh? Near all that toxic waste and radiation..."

Tara nodded solemnly. "Yeah... I was their fifth child... and the only one to live..."

"And you seem to be living rather well in spite of it. I'd say you are one of the finer examples of 'Kipple Kids' to come out of there. No visible defects beyond your poor health and meek physique..."

"I am not meek." Tara said firmly.

"Your spirit isn't." The doctor said continuing to smile warmly at her. "Your body is a wreck. But with what I intend to do... I can change that..." He looked to his assistant who had been sitting next to him, silently taking notes and bio readings. "Get some quarters arranged. She's the one."

"Dr. Trent?" The assistant looked at him with surprise. "I don't think that's..."

"She's got spunk." The doctor said. "And she's determined. She will need to be... This won't be an easy process..."

"I don't think..." The assistant got cut off by Trent.

"Well it's good that they pay me to think and not you." Trent smirked at Tara. "You realize what this means? What you will be put through. I can't even guarantee that you will live..."

"If it means I get to fight... get to do my part... I'm in. One hundred percent." Tara said.

Trent nodded. "Very good. We'll have quarters set up at the lab for you, you won't be allowed to bring anything. Even your current attire... It all has to go..."

"That's not a problem. I don't have much else..." Tara shrugged. "So I'm in?"

"You are, Ms. Maxim..." Trent said with a smile. "Congratualtions."

Tara couldn't help but smile, she was one step closer to her dream. "Thank you, Dr. Trent. I won't let you down."

Trent chuckled. "I have no doubt. And you can call me Noah..."

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