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Summary: A hunger that will never end, that will never be satisfied

Thurzal d'Inferno

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Princes and Princesses of Hell


Prince of hell, Ruler of the Princedom of Gula

Physical Appearance

Thin, pale, boney, hideous. Tall, looks like he's always starving.


He is hungry all the time, eating anything or anyone he wants. He isn't the nicest


Being the first born wasn't the greatest, when his father saw his face he was disgusted and locked him away in cage for some time, trying to starve him out. When his second son was born, realizing that not all of his children would become hideous he released his eldest son. Of course what he didn't realize was the fact that locking him up for years had an effect on Thurzal, he had an empty feeling in his stomach always. Wanting to fill it he began devouring everything in his sight, but he was always hungry. His hungry could never be satisfied, he has given the kingdom of Gula because he would eat anyone else who tried taking it.


Always hungry, can eat anything. He isn't worried about sharing food, just as long as he gets more in the end.

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Image of Thurzal d'Inferno
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