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Summary: There is nothing for me anymore

Aliania Morgan

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Mortals



Physical Appearance

She is slim, with pale skin, white hair, she has a light red around her eyes.


She is quite, shy, and barely speaks. She had moments where she looks dead. She shows little emotion to most people, but some people have been able to break her where she shows great emotion, which is a mix of grief, sadness, anger, and hatred.


Aliania came from a small village and lived with a very religious family. Her father was a priest and her mother was a teacher. She also had a half brother, named Jake who always looked out for her. She was happy, and became a Nun at age 15. For five years everything was perfect for her, that was until her mother committed suicide. Her father became a drunk and fought with her half brother all the time. It continued to get worse, her father would try to get alone with her. When Jake left one night for work, her father sexually assaulted her. Jake came home to hear his sister crying and her father yelling at her. He ran to her room to see her being raped. Aliania then saw her brother's other side. He attacked her father, with demonic rage, and ended up killing him. She was glad to be safe. However the next night her brother was burned for being a half demon. After everything, she gave up hope on her religion and quit being a nun. She is now full of grief, and has no reason to live. Little does she know that Thurzal has his eye on her.


She seems to he the only mortal that Thurzal doesn't feel hungry around. She actually makes the empty feeling he usually has go away when she is around.

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Image of Aliania Morgan
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