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Summary: Looks are deceiving

Lilith d'inferno

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Princes and Princesses of Hell


Princess of Hell
Ruler of Luxuria (Lust)

Physical Appearance

Yellow eyes, full red lips
Curvy body
Fair skin


She is seductive, flirtatious, and extremely chill. She likes to play around, making sick jokes whenever she can.


Lilith was the fourth born out of the eight children. She was praised by her mother and father for her beauty. She formed great relationships with her siblings. She ended up being the one to ease all of them down to end the fighting. She actually looks up to get brother Thurzal, seeing him as one of the strongest of all her siblings. She actually found out the reason their father imprisoned Thurzal was actually to make him cruel and tough.


She is very seductive, making any man and woman entranced by her. Doesn't work on family. She is also a master of illusions.

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Image of Lilith d'inferno
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