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Summary: To create powerful beings, one must know how to shape them.

Lucifer d'Inferno

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown looks 25

Group: King and Queen of Hell


King of Hell

Physical Appearance

He is has a large muscular build. He has short black hair and sinister red eyes with pupils of a reptile. He has rough but handsome looks and his skin is a deep tan color


As a king of hell he is cruel, aggressive, powerful and intimidating. He is willing to crush anyone that annoys him or just whoever he wants. Now with his family is shows different emotions to them, but deep in his dark heart he cares for his family, all of them.


Lucifer, the dark lord, the king of hell. He orginally was an angel, but after his failed rebellion to gain the power as the ruler of heaven he was cast down to hell. When he arrived it was chaotic, a simple dump filled with savaged beast. He then saw it's potential, if he couldn't be the ruler of heaven, he'll be the ruler of hell. So with the help of the angels that were casted down they built hell to what it was now. It was the moment he was crowned the ruler was the moment he had become a demon with power that no one could rival except his opposite, the ruler of heaven.
Many years passed and Lucifer had ruled by himself without a Queen. He had wished to find a Queen the moment he became the king of hell. That when his eyes fell on Romanesque Aemelia. On the day before he wedding he had snatched her and forced her to take the crown. It took time but soon she fell in love with him.
He was happy with for some time, he was overjoyed to know he would have a child. Then he saw the face of his first born, hideous. That didn't bother him really, but he saw how frail and meek his first born was. He knew if he wanted his son to survive later on he would have to become cruel. So he locked him away, giving him enough food for him to survive. When his second son was born, he decided to let his first born out, and continued to shape his children into powerful demon lords. He did this with all his children. Even the one he had with an angel, but in the end it paid off.


He has incredible power as well as being skilled in all kinds of combat. He has an array of power types of magic, from plagues to fire to madness, all destructive.

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Image of Lucifer d'Inferno
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