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Summary: Guardian of man, a humble servant

Virgal Nirvana

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Princes and Princesses of Heaven


Warrior Angel

Princedom of Humilitas

Physical Appearance

He looks like a 7 ft tall man in golden armour, with giant wings of light. Under his armour he looks like a large muscular man covered in battle scar. He has golden eyes and short blonde hair, with a lightly tanned body.


He sees himself as a mere servant that serves justice and valor. He protects mankind and heaven not because he thinks that they are beneath him, but rather because he is their servant, with his only purpose is to protect.
In battle he is feared, yelling into battle with great fury. Outside the battle he is gentlemen like, kind, and very humble.


Virgal always saw himself as a mere servant, no matter how many times his father and mother praised him, he never became prideful, only humble. He saw himself as lesser than the other angels, his siblings, his parents, and even humans. He saw himself as a servant to protect his masters, not a great being that he is. His father seeing this granted him the princedom of Humilitas. He was so humble he tried to refuse it, but his mother was able to get him to understand that he deserved it.


He is skilled in all kinds of combat, he can summon any weapon at will. He can also summon beams of light, protection and he can fly.

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Image of Virgal Nirvana
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