Welcome to the Family

Aliania was still hugging onto Thurzal when the woman walked over to them. D'Inferno, she never heard of that name. Thurzal whispered into Aliania's ear. "This is my mother, Queen of Hell." Aliania looked up at Thurzal with surpised, Queen? That would mean that he was a prince and all his siblings were too. She was picked by Thurzal to join a family of royal demons? She felt more like an insect than ever. She decided to not even look into Romanesque's eyes as she took her free hand, "I am very humbled your greatness." Thurzal stroked her hair kindly.
Lilith could only smile as she watched Thurzal treat this girl kindly as if she was frail and fragile, however she knew her mother, her siblings, and her father would feel the emotions the girl was keeping inside her, under that shy and afraid shell she was filled with grief, sadness and rage. She had abandoned her faith in people, angels and her god. Lilith shivered upon seeing her father grinning at the girl.
Lucifer could only grin by looking at this girl, already he begin thinking of all the ways to morph this girl to a demon that was perfect to have the name D'Inferno. His wife seemed to already take an intrest to the girl, he already had a plan on how to break this girl's shell. For that, he needed the help of all his children and his wife. This mortal would be twisted and corrupted that not even his rival in heaven could purify her. He gave his wife a look to let her know that he was scheming.

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