Never boring

Annoyed Devilan rolled his eyes. Did he seriously have to make place for someone, a mortal, who even wasn't a d'Inferno? Seeing the serious look in his mother's eyes he knew battling her will wasn't a good idea today so he stepped back with clenched jaws.

When they arrived at the table, he shove his younger brother Belfagor out of the way when he wanted to seat himself. "Take my place," he said with an irritated movement of his hand. Belfagor looked a little surprised, but did what his elder brother asked. He liked to sit close to there parents so when Devilan was mad and didn't want to sit close to mom and dad, well he didn't care. A frustrated look on his face he sat down next to Lilith. Angry. "I don't understand why she has the right to take me place," he growled, looking over to Aliania.
"She isn't even a d'Inferno." Hesistant he rose his glass to toast on the new girl. "Welcome," he said out of formality and because he knew Romanesque was watching her children sharply.

Belfagor was happy they endly were going to dinner. He sat down next to Malia and Leonard and grinned. "The bride of our brother is very beautiful, isn't she?" the girl was interesting. Never before had Belfagor seen a mortal. Most of the demons had left Hell at least once and had paid several visits to Earth. He never. Too far away for him. He preferred to stay home and let his advisers rule his kingdom. By chance he glanced up and saw the look in Fenris eyes when looking to Sunshine. He knew there had been something between them, but he thought it was all in the passed. A sly smile curled his lips. His brothers had interesting taste when it came to woman. Never boring here, he thought with a grin before raising his glass and toasting a welcome for Aliania.

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