A toast

Lucifer held up his cup to the toast, "I'm glad to welcome you to the family Aliania. It's good to see my son has found someone to be his bride." His voice was extremely deep, shaking Aliania's bones. She looked down as he spoke, "I am humbled, my lord." Thurzal gulp down his glass after the toast, he lightly touched her face, "You shouldn't be so shy my dear, lighten up." Aliania nodded back.
She jumped a bit at Malia's compliment, "Thank you my lady." She twirled her hair with her finger.
Lilith kicked Devilan lightly with her foot after the toast and whispered into his ear, "That girl is Thurzal's bride. If you forgotten so easily, but his last bride he killed her and her secret lover when he found out about the affair. This girl has already accepted being his, and will love him, so yeah she might be mortal, but father has a plan for that. Who knows, she might become a demon feared by the angels." Lilith gave Aliania a warm smile, "I'm so glad to see my brother so happy." Aliania nodded and laid her head on Thurzal's shoulder.

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