Warrior Angels

Oriane had watched her brother, something seemed to bother him. She walked towards him. She had an elegant walk, light, almost like she was dancing and flying at the same time. Her white, glittery wings lightly moving as she walked. "Virgal, what is it?" she asked, before turning around as the large doors were opened and the guard announced the entrance of Valarian Veloso. Oriane smiled as the warrior angel greeted her. "Glad to see you again, Valarian," she replied, then turned her attention back on her older brother. As soon as Valarian saw Virgal, the captain of all Warrior Angels, he hastened to make another bow. "Am sorry, Prince Virgal. I hadn't see you before," he said with an excusing smile. Oriane smiled amused, watching the two, then she looked to what her brother was looking at and frowned lightly. "Thurzal has taken Aliania," she asked lightly shocked. She knew what the girl had been through and now she also was being kidnapped by a devil. Poor girl. She shook her head, then looking at her brother and suddenly she knew what he was thinking. "You are planning on saving her, isn't it brother?" she whispered over to him.

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