Your mother!

Ulrich whiped the sweat from his brow with an enormous, equally sweaty forearm. Then he gave wrapped his calloused hands around the tank-wrench and gave it one last great heave, bringing the mining vehicle's port side track into proper tension. Then he walked around and looked over the drive sprocket he'd repaired earlier. Normally, this was the sort of thing he'd have just replaced. But some moron in the supply department had neglected to order spare parts. And spares or not, the demand for ore was constant. So Ulrich had done what he always did; work miracles.

"Well, it's not my prettiest work but than again neither was your mother last night," he said, slapping the foreman on the shoulder as he approached.

His accent was thick and distinctive, with Ws making more of a V sound as he spoke. It was something that some of the station kids had mockingly emulated when he'd first arrived. But now they regularly came to him for help. Childhood toys were more than hard to come by in the colonies and so being willing to fix the occasional trike made one quite the hero. As for the adults...

"My mom's eighty-seven!" the foreman replied.

"I know! She's quite the cougar," Ulrich replied with a hearty laugh which the foreman couldn't help but join in on.

"Asshole," he finally said to Ulrich.

"Guilty as charged," Ulrich said, continuing to laugh.

With the last project of the day complete, he made his way to his quarters for a shower. The concept of cleanliness was a precarious and ill defined thing in the colony, but he did prefer to at least scrub the grease off. He'd crank up the heat until the water was just this side of boiling, which was just the way he liked it.

On his way through the narrow underground passages, he was cut off at a junction. It was the synth pilot. They'd crossed paths a time or two, but that was it. He couldn't even rememberher name, in fact. ...Seemed a shame, even if she was just a synth. She was being escorted by security officers. A corporate suit was tailing along, too.

"Huh, wonder what they're up to?" he said with a shrug, but soon dismissed it and continued on.

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