MONDAY NIGHT - 9:28pm 9/5/83 Taggart House

Opening the front door and walking into the house, Kenley is equal parts relieved and sad. His aunt Rachel must still be at Luciano’s. He goes into the kitchen to check on Sigourny and jumps out of his skin when he finds someone sitting at the kitchen table.

“AUNT RACHEL! I thought you were at work!”

She looks happy. Wine glass in hand and half empty, he pretty much knows why.

“I came home early. I was gonna take you out for ice cream to celebrate my good news, but you weren’t home. (beat) It is a little late for you on a school night. Were you playing a Dungeons & Demons?”

Rachel swallows the rest of the glass in one gulp.

Sigourney sidles up to the table. Curiosity killed her...far more than nine times.

Rachel pulls a chair out for Kenley.

“I brought you home a chunk of tiramisu. How about a glass of milk and a fine Italian dessert?”

Kenley Taggart:

“Uhm. Certainly Aunt Rachel, but I need to put some things away first.”

<Kenley dashes up to his bedroom, stashes the camera under his bed and the picture under the rug then runs back downstairs to face the music over delicious confections>

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