MONDAY MORNING - 10:42am 12/15/86 Blender House

Bobby suddenly looks frightened, though the overall fogginess is a clear concern. The boys help him to the kitchen as Anthony heads downstairs.

"Am I going to be okay?"

Mike puts his hand on the boy's shoulder, affording Jacob better access.

"Doctor Laberman here is the best diagnostic mind in town. Let him have a look under the hood."

Bobby lifts his t-shirt, exposing a torso free of bites and blemishes. Jacob does a visual once-over and finds nothing. Mike can read Rickey's eyes, full of concern.

"He's going to be fine, Big Brother Torres. Jacob and Mrs. Blender are like Dr. McCoy and Jeff Bridges in Starman."

He makes spell casting hands and spits out his best sound effect.


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