MONDAY MORNING - 10:47am 12/15/86 Blender House

There’s a knock. Anthony stands and walks over to the door, opening it. He nods and smiles as he opens the storm door to receive a handful of mail from the postman. Resisting the urge to look through the items, he plops the pile down on the side table. The pieces scatter a bit, revealing several cards - the top one conspicuously addressed to simply - Jacob Malachi Laberman in deep red ink. The return address is equally cryptic:

Kerwin Horror House
383 Curtis St.
Mountaindale, NJ

“Hey Jacob, looka dis!”

Anthony passes the card to Jacob.

“Why you gettin’ mail at the Blender’s? And, who are the Kerwins?”

Mike looks over his shoulder.

“The only Kerwins I know are Caroline and her creepy brother Jason. But, I don’t really know them, do you?”

Anthony springs up at the window like an oversized preschooler, pointing with glee.

“It’s snowing!”

Jacob opens the card, driven by abject curiosity.

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