MONDAY EVENING - 6:35 pm 12/15/86 Laberman House

The second the back door opens, the vampire drops straight down to the sidewalk in front of HQ. He is unaffected by the snow and cold.

"The kid staying with you. He draws a lot of attention from the Shadow Kin. Arriving tonight, I've already seen more than a dozen in the yards and streets of your neighborhood. They stay away from me. Smart. But, make no mistake. They are drawn to this kid for a reason. (beat) I'll see what else I can find out. Brandon is already sniffing around."

He walks toward the driveway.

"Be careful, Jacob. The bastard that wiggled into that girl is one big bastard. He won't get to your grandmother, you have my word. Keep your eyes wide open and stay alert. And when your new friend seems to be talking to himself, you need to be listening in on the conversation."

The back door opens suddenly. Terry looks up just as Jacob's father pokes his head out.

"Everything okay, son?"

There's a buffeting sound as something moves quickly into the snow filled sky. Terry von Holstein is gone.

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