TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 2:30pm 12/16/86 Laberman House

Stepping into the kitchen, Jacob finds his mother and Bubbe cleaning up the aftermath. His father walks in from the hall with his clipboard and the lockdown weapon checklist.

“This part of the day always makes me feel like Charlton Heston in The Omega Man. Preparing his fortified sanctuary against the coming dark. (beat) Jason’s in the living room. Steven had to pick up his mom’s weekly provision order from Luciano’s. You know how Carmine gets when good lettuce wilts!”

Rather than the various Order families making the excursion to Grand Union or A&P Farms, Mr. Dideo created a system. People place orders from a weekly checklist and the staff at Luciano’s packages the provisions, ready for secure pick-up. Produce, meats, fish, dry goods, simple medicines and toiletries. Ah, life in the New Wyrld.

“Time check. Curfew in 90 minutes. (beat) What are you guys up to?”


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