TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 2:32pm 12/16/86 Laberman House

"Will do Dad, thanks."

Jacob heads into the living room. He finds Jason sitting, enjoying the fire.

"Hey Jason, Mike is gonna crash here tonight. You're invited as well if you'd like. We're going to stay out in HQ. Petra said she is going to stop by shortly, but when we escort her home, we can go to your house and pick up some items if you'd like to stay. Ya know.. check in with the Kerwins. See how Caroline is doing? Think it over. No pressure."

Trying to see if there's any interest in his facial expression. Maaayybeee?

"We have a fire out in HQ if you want to come out with us. I'm grabbing some blankets and snacks and will need to grab a bit more firewood outside. Whaddaya say?"

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