TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 2:50pm 12/16/86 HQ

"And who is making that judgment?"

"We tend to not condemn someone for being born different. We're trying to get answers to help him. If the Coven is concerned, then we will do what we can to keep him, and the potential dangers he is attracting, away. Thank you for the information, Petra. That helped answer a lot of questions. There's still plenty more, but we're making progress."

Looking at both Petra and Caleb.

"Ever since this all started, EVERYONE of us has become a target of the shadows. Hell, I still have a dan'jarass with a personal vengeance for me who constantly puts me, my family, my friends and even random strangers into danger. It is my duty to fight back that darkness with all of my being and help protect those who cannot."

"And Caleb, I know nothing about you, but I'm allowing Petra to vouch for you. I'm giving a few words of wisdom. When you come to my home, pulling a knife and getting defensive as your first response to me greeting and hugging my friend says a lot about you. I'm not your enemy. I'm concerned about what you've experienced in your life to warrant that reaction."

Caleb is now visibly uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't judge as well. I'm not here to fight. Just seeking answers."

"Any other information you'd like to share? Would you like some eggnog? I know we're close to curfew and I don't want to hold you up."

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