TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:03 pm 12/16/86 HQ

Jacob holds the door for them as Mike and Jason carry the firewood into HQ.

As they're getting everything situated, Jacob pipes up.

"I'm sorry I ran out on you Jason when Petra got here. That was not polite.
We did get some information about your birth mother. But that doesn't justify bad manners. Mike can fill you in on details.

I saw you napping in the living room earlier. Almost reacting to something. Any more encounters with Na'iel?"

Jacob tends to the fire, then grabs some blankets and hands them out.

"Now that we have some info on your mom, Na'iel would have the best information about your father.

There's something special about you just need to figure out what. If you do make contact with Na'iel again, listen to him. It may save your life. We'll do what we can to help you here but you need to be open with us. I mean it.. we're here to help."

Jacob obviously takes after his mother and Bubbe, ever playing the host. Constantly busy, yet freely conversing with others.. well... talking, not really letting them get many words into the conversation. Sometimes a bit scattered but can focus with laser-like precision when needed.

"I can help you meditate.. maybe make contact if you want...No pressure. Just let me know. Want to make s'mores while we talk?" Jacob smiles while handing out s'more ingredients.

Mike rolls his eyes and slightly shakes his head with a slight smile. "Laberman, relax."

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